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Project management

Techtrons consists of several timers with different backgrounds and experience. Some of them have great experience managing big events, others are smaller but have specific experience of a special sport or technical skill. One of our corner stones is to share this knowledge inside the group.

Online entrysystem

Neptrons has over several years developed an online registration and payment system.

Payment can be done via:

  • Visa or Mastercard
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Debt Card
  • Credit Card

To meet customers’ requirements a number of functions has been created:

  • Live lists of registrered people, such as this
  • Automatic assigning of start numbers during or after registration
  • Different discount models, e.g. by amount, age, age and number or coupons
  • Fees can be controlled by date, e.g. higher fee closer to the event
  • People who register can receive questions which can depend on what race or category they belong to.
  • Built in shop for sales of t-shirt, bus tickets, meals etc.
  • Example of a registration page: Entrysystem
  • Import of entries via Excel file
  • Export of entries to Excel
  • Accounting – explains the balance of your account
  • All via Your own Admin pages where you easily can edit the different functions

You are welcome to give us Your ideas to improve the system and we will try our best to full fill Your wishes.

Timing system


The group has vast experience of many timing systems it has used over the years, including DAG, IPICO, RTiming and many others, but we have settled on a system that in a single package replaces them all.

EVO860 is our timing hardware is an in-house developed UHF-system. It has touch screen and runs Windows to make it easy to use. With a built in reader, 6-hour lithium battery pack, 3-port switch and WiFi it runs standalone for many hours. It is also possible to add an external battery or mains to get even more hours. Connection to it is via our EvoLink either ethernet or via a 4G-link to present all splits live on your result page. Using custom antennas developed for each sport you get readings like no other system. The system supports both disposable and re-usable chips for different sports to fit the athlete and the event best. Chips are not tied to the system and timers can use whatever chips they think most suitable.


NeptronTiming is our own developed admin software that runs on Microsoft Windows 7 or higher machines. It uses .Net-framework and SQL-database to make it fast, modern and reliable. Just set up your TimingPoints, athletes and categories the rest will be calculated automatically. You can do for example laps, get NetTimes, Team results, different start waves and much more. It is very easy to import competitors from Excel or CSV-files. During the import all categories can be created automatically. In short it can provide everything you would expect in timing and much more.

BIB numbers

We are able to produce bib numbers for any kind of sport. Tell us your ideas about colours and layout and we produce a PDF sample quickly. We have a 4-colour digital industrial printer to produce numbers quickly and efficiently.

Standard is perfect for running, it’s soft, light and water resistant.

FiberSoft is a stronger fiber material the is perfect for orienteering and multisport.

Special has a glossy look to make the best out of complicated logos, colours really shine on this one. It’s also very strong and can be washed several time without losing colours.

Standard material

  • Water resistant and coated based on fiber and latex
  • Very flexible, can be folded without destroying the printing
  • Different standard sizes or Your own size
  • Perfect for running, cycling, skiing etc.


  • Very good water resistance and resistance against tearing
  • Softer and more compliant than the standard material
  • Feels a bit like fabric
  • The same printing capabilities that the standard material
  • Perfect for orienteering, Multisport events


  • Very good water resistance and resistance against tearing
  • Machine washable without printing fade
  • More bright colours than FiberSoft

Print samples are available on request.

Printed matter

As well as bib numbers we do custom envelope printing, also on window envelopes. On our production printers we can print anything for your race in full color. Athlete packs, water bottle labels and race guides are all possible. Just ask for details.

Web results

The Live result page presents times and standings in a clear and understandable format. It is fast and accurate. To search for any competitor, just type in any element such as name, club start number etc in the same box, add them as your favorites to quickly find them. NeptronTiming has a database synchronization function to get all results on the web totally live.

On the web results are presented in time order, last name order or start number order. This is controlled directly from NeptronTiming. You can easily choose which data that should be visible. Functions like Leaderboard with auto refresh, Team results and live Tracking are also available. The results pages can be iframe’d into other sites. It is also possible to share results on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. with a mouse click.


Techtrons have many years of experience of doing TV Graphics, both live broadcast and on local big screens. You can also use our API to do your own graphics. A few examples from our experience are:

  • World Orienteering Championships
  • ITU Triathlon World Championships
  • Lidingöloppet
  • Tiomila
  • O-ringen

For TV-productions and big screen broadcasts we cooperate with e.g. Filmhouse, Prisma and Massteknik plus BIGTV and sensystems.

Logistics planning

Together we help you to build up and manage the total setup in the finish area. Depending of the demands and possibilities we analyses and propose how the set up can be done.